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5 n Dime – 2014

That’s the name of the rally [scavenger hunt] I just completed over the weekend of July 4th – what a way to celebrate this country and see a lot of it – check Mark’s byline on the right of my web page! The 5 n Dime achieved its name after a disgruntled potential participant complained … Continue reading »

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2012 Mera 10 n’ 10

This was a bit different for me; a bit more relaxed and ‘fun’ as I knew what I wasn’t trying to do and had ambitions to just do my thing, have fun, see some new sights and go where I hadn’t before.  It is always nice to do well in the standings but most important … Continue reading »

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LC-11 Rally Ride Report

Ahhhh… the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the road.  Springtime and my first rally of the season after a long winter and some lingering weariness from the MERA 10 ‘n 10 last summer.  The LC-11 was a nice extension that followed the Low Cal 250 the previous weekend, and the LC-11 was … Continue reading »

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The 10 n’ 10 Ride Report, or…

…How I Rode 10,100 miles in 10 Days and Was Almost Designated 25 miles Short… About a year ago we learned of the probability of a 10-day, 10,000 miles rally – the “typical” scavenger hunt format of going places to obtain photos or receipts, or answers to questions – in this case, throughout the good … Continue reading »

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RWYB 2008

RWYB – means several things to different people.  To the Rallymaster [RM] it means a lot of hard work in preparation and planning so some of us can come and play; to others it became Rain Where You Be; to me it meant soul searching in my attempt to do well; and to still others … Continue reading »

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2007 SPANK Rally

[Note: This was written before I realized there were serious fires throughout Southern California, and in fact I had ridden through some  of the areas that are now on fire… If the rally was 24hrs later in starting there would have been no way to ride in areas like southern San Diego County.   In no … Continue reading »

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